Beacon Island moves with the times with plush new-look rooms

Timeshare units at Beacon Island Resort are getting an infusion of new energy this year in a refurbishment designed to have them looking, and feeling, more stylish and inviting than ever. According to Adam Fuller, Operations Director: Southern Sun Resorts, the refurbishment stands “to take the resort nicely to the top end of the market”.

Work began on the 11 May 2019, and although no building alterations are involved, the project is extensive. Among other things, it encompasses bathroom enhancements, the installation of new beds, furnishings and appliances, and an upgrade of the corridors and lift landings.

The last refurbishment of this kind took place eight years ago and, as a result, Beacon Island – a sought-after, high-traffic destination – is now due for another sprucing-up in terms of its maintenance cycle. But the purpose is not only to restore wear and tear. It’s to ensure that this cherished landmark-resort keeps moving with the times.

We’re introducing a whole new look-and-feel in the rooms. The changes are in the ‘softs’ – better lighting, fresher colours, a contemporary beach theme. At the moment we have a ‘coral’ feel. Now we’re bringing in blues, greys, turquoises, and going with a cooler feel.

Timesharers will be delighted by more than the ambience, though. The units apartments boast many new features, several of which come in direct response to popular requests.

In surveys over the years, guests said they want lighter furniture and a better fridge. So now they’ve got lighter furniture and a better fridge. They wanted bigger TVs – we’ve given them bigger, smart TVs. They also wanted extra plug points, for example, and, again, that’s what we’ve provided. Guest feedback has definitely been considered.

Other features include floating beds with packing space aplenty underneath them, new reading lights, remote-controlled ceiling fans, headboards stretching from ceiling to floor, and block-out curtains that are complemented with voile curtains to allow for subtler control of light, mood and privacy.

The refurbishment doesn’t end at the timeshare units but extends into the corridors and down to the lift landings on each floor. While these are areas serving a practical use, there’s no reason for them to be purely functional in their aesthetics. Aside from being recarpeted, the walkways will be enlivened by touches such as new artwork, well-illuminated floor-numbering signage, and lighting on the door numbers.

The soft refurbishment began in May, as mentioned, and is set to be finished by the end of September. Beacon Island will make every effort to minimise disturbance to guests. Kindly note that none of this work will be done over holiday seasons. For more information, please see the detailed schedule below.

Floor Week Anticipated refurbishment date
6th Floor Week 19/20 11 May 2019 to 25 May 2019
5th Floor Week 21/22 25 May 2019 to 08 June 2019
4th Floor Week 23/24 08 June to 21 June 2019
No refurbishment 22 June to 09 August 2019
3rd Floor Week 32/33 10 August 2019 to 24 August 2019
2nd Floor Week 34/35 24 August 2019 to 07 September 2019
1st Floor Week 36/37 07 September 2019 to 21 September 2019
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