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Birding report at Sabi River Sun May 2019

Hi all from Sabi River Sun

The Monday bird walk continues to be well accepted with many new and returning timesharers joining us each Monday, for the three-hour leisurely walk on the resort premises.

The past four months have seen the White Fronted Bee-eaters make their home on the bank surrounding the football field. The colony has grown in numbers and I have attached some photos of the birds taken by Graham McGill, a very interested timesharer.

We have had many occasions lately of bird species “visiting” us on their daily routine. The Grey and Trumpeter Hornbills called in when the Toad Tree fruit was ripe. The Red Backed Shrike and Woolly Necked Storks stopped over for a break. The Western Osprey came on a fishing holiday and White Storks gave us a fly by.

The pair of Spotted Eagle Owls have had three chicks over the period whilst they were away and are now back in residence in the Mitzeri trees behind chalet 75.

The resonating calls of the Woodlands Kingfisher arrived a bit late last year, but they did arrive in time for the festive season.

The number of species recorded during the walks have varied from 60 to 75 (affected by the migrants) with the average being around 65.

Marlene has started a Facebook page, Sabi Valley Birding which will include articles about the bird walks at Sabi River Sun. 

Marlene and I wish all the visitors to Sabi River Sun a great stay and look forward to you all joining us when next at the resort.

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