Sabi River Sun Resort

Welcome – Sabi River Sun Resort

Warm Lowveld greetings to all our guests  Another year has arrived, with new challenges and new ideas, new experiences and exciting changes. Our Food and Beverage department has been very busy creating new Themed Buffet evenings and an amazing new…
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Earth hour 2019

On the 23rd of March we turned off the lights…..and this time by choice and not through load shedding. We turned off the stoves, and we had a braai with candles, fires and the night sounds of the Lowveld. The…
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Shavathon 2019

This year has yet again seen Team Sabi get together and show what a wonderful group of people we represent. A dedicated ‘pink run’ started the day, and all were called on to support our annual Shavathon. Team members got…
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Birding with Keith Howie

Birding report at Sabi River Sun May 2019 Hi all from Sabi River Sun The Monday bird walk continues to be well accepted with many new and returning timesharers joining us each Monday, for the three-hour leisurely walk on the…
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Mark’s gardens & grounds report

Controlling the Invasive alien plants on the Resort During the summer months the increase of alien plants on the resort is more evident.  Sesbania, Lantana, Balloon Vine, Bugweed, Castor-oil-plant, Chromolaena are a few that grow along the banks of the…
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