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Controlling the Invasive alien plants on the Resort

During the summer months the increase of alien plants on the resort is more evident.  Sesbania, Lantana, Balloon Vine, Bugweed, Castor-oil-plant, Chromolaena are a few that grow along the banks of the Sabie River and Langspruit.   Our Control Team starts the task of eradicating the unwanted plants by slashing up the alien plants and then applying a systemic herbicide called “Chopper” to the stem. Once the team have gone through the entire resort, they will start again to identify any plants that they have missed. The eradication programme usually runs from November to the end of March the next year. It is our responsibility and duty to make sure that the resort is free of invasive Alien plants.

Construction of a Test Green

It was decided last year that we needed to identify a more suitable grass for our greens. The existing Royal Blue grass requires a lot of maintenance which thatches up during the summer months with the result that the greens become bumpy and slow. A three hundred square metre trial green was constructed to test a grass specie called Champion G12, to see if it would do well in this area. The green is almost ready for testing and will be brought into play during the upgrade of our irrigation system. The grass will be tested under different climate conditions to see if it will do well throughout the year. If it meets our expectation, we will look at resurfacing the greens in the next few years. 

Producing our own Compost

It was decided a few years ago to start producing our own compost on the resort. The amount of vegetative debris that accumulates on the resort is enormous and this takes up a lot of space. There are two sites where we produce compost throughout the year. Last year we produced approximately 45 tons of sifted compost which was used on the golf course and garden areas.

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