New spa service offers deep relaxation from city stress

Pine Lake Resort is delighted to welcome Freyja Spa as our new provider of wellness services. “Freyja” was the goddess of love, fertility and health in Norse mythology, the most beautiful of the deities. Cara James, the owner, tells us why you’re going to find her spa just as enchanting.

Q: How does the spa fit into the picture at Pine Lake?

A: Freyja Spa is our contribution to guests’ relaxation during their holiday. Pine Lake’s aim is to ensure that guests enjoy a top-quality holiday experience focused on relaxation and getting a complete breakaway. This is where we come in: we offer wellness services to guests. A massage, for example, is extremely important to wellness. It helps you detox and relax by working on the body’s muscles, tendons and lymph nodes. There’s no better way of recharging.

Q: What are some of the specifics to look forward to?

A: We offer massages and facials, and also do other beauty treatments, like manicures, pedicures and grooming. Overall, we want to give guests the full package of wellness services to let them break away from the daily grind and switch off totally. Our ultimate goal, in fact, is to get them to fall asleep!

Q: (Laughing) Why is that?

A: When someone falls asleep during a massage, we know we’ve done the job right. We always remark on our clients when they leave, because you see the difference from they when walk in, completely stressed, and when they walk out after a massage. We wish them a good sleep afterwards, because we know they’re not going to be able to stay awake for longer than half an hour – they’re going to go back to their chalets, with their beautiful view of the lake, and get some shut-eye.

Q: Sounds wonderful. Where do we go to get this?

A: We have spa premises on the resort, where we can accommodate couples or individuals. We also offer a mobile spa if guests prefer to have their treatment done in their chalets. We take our beds down to the chalet and provide the treatment on the veranda, which is something guests really enjoy.

Q: Your company offers some complementary services too …

A: Correct. We also offer a lobby service where we provide beverages and light lunches for clients who choose either our full-day or half-day spa treatment. It’s open to everyone else as well, of course.

Yes, it’s wonderful to go on holiday and light a fire and have a braai, but you also don’t want to braai every day or be stuck in the kitchen. So, welcome to Freyja Lobby, where you sit down to relax and we serve you something light to eat … toasted sandwiches, pies, croissants, and so on. The lobby is also a convenience store where we sell milk, bread, coffee … the little things you might forget at home.

Q: Have you been enjoying it at Pine Lake?

A: It just grabbed me from the beginning. There’s something about Pine Lake that gives you that peace of self, that peace of soul, you can’t anywhere else. What’s so amazing is that it’s a piece of heaven in such close proximity to the madness of town, but yet you don’t experience any of that madness. I love going to the resort every day and sitting on the veranda early in the morning, having a cup of coffee and listening to the fish eagles call. I couldn’t be prouder to be walking this road with Pine Lake Resort.

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