New Xscape Centre a happy hub for child-friendly holidays

Young children and teenagers alike will be tugging at Mom and Dad’s sleeves to make a beeline to the latest attraction at Drakensberg Sun Resort: our vibrant new entertainment centre for the under-18s. Modelled on the Xscape concept adopted at other Tsogo Sun timeshare resorts, the centre opened for fun and games in December 2018 and has become a popular hang-out spot for the young ‘uns.

Theo Joubert, Deputy General Manager, said the launch of this much-anticipated makeover was well-received both by timesharers and their children. The previous games room had last been refurbished several years ago and was ripe for more than just a lick of paint but something more sweeping and up to date. Accordingly, at the beginning of September last year, it underwent a wall-to-wall makeover timed to be ready for roll-out in the Christmas season.

The result, Theo said, is “a breath of fresh air”. “The Xscape Centre is an amazing place for children, but it’s also brought about a general improvement in the building and become an asset to the resort as a whole. It looks good, it looks fresh.”

The upgrade included redoing walls, lighting and roofing, and installing glass sliding doors as well as a new reception desk and toilet facilities. The layout has also been reconceptualised to make the Xscape Centre a safe, child-friendly, multi-space environment where children can roam from alcoves given to reading, colour-in books and cookery stations to others with a pool table, table-tennis set, and more. In yet a further room, they can watch movies on a big screen that unfurls down the wall, and enjoy their viewing complete with Surround Sound.

Theo remarked that he was struck by how the zooty new entertainment facility became the defining, go-to “hub” for children on the resort, especially among older children and teenagers in the somewhat harder-to-please age bracket of 10-15 years.

They have found the Xbox room in particular to be irresistibly alluring, he said. “It’s become their own private area where they can make friends with other people in their age group and form their own cliques. It’s the ideal place for them to ‘hang’.”

With Drakensberg Sun providing much-enhanced entertainment for children, parents can take their timeshare holidays with greater peace of mind that their youngsters will be happily occupied during the stay at the resort.

Theo wished to emphasise, however, that while the Xscape Centre is a safe, controlled environment, it is not a child-minded, drop-and-go facility. Parents remain responsible for supervising their children at the centre and, especially in the case of smaller children, for being physically present to do so.

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