Sneak preview: Beacon Island’s luxury refurbishments in 2019

As part of its maintenance cycle, Beacon Island Resort will be undertaking a major soft refurbishment in 2019. The details are still being finalised, but Reinhard Visser, the General Manager, gave us a brief foretaste of things to come.

Beacon Island has big plans ahead. What are they?

Reinhard: What we want to do is uplift the standard of the resort to make it even more luxurious.

Even more luxurious?

Reinhard: Yes, indeed. This is a soft refurbishment, so we’ll be replacing all the curtains and carpets, as well as all furniture pieces. The work won’t be confined to the bedrooms either. In the bathrooms, we’re putting in new wash basins, new toilets, and generally refreshing the look in the bathroom. We are also focusing on the lighting in the rooms to enable better mood-setting, and we’ll be introducing fresh, beach colours.

What action will there be on the technology front?

Reinhard: We’re putting in new, larger, smart-ready TVs. We’re also looking at little plug gizmos, so that you have a comfortable area to plug in all your chargers and niggly bits … So, basically, brand-new rooms, with a fresh new look.

Sounds terrific. Will you be doing any work outside of the rooms?

Reinhard: We will. At the same time, we are going to be doing the lift landings and all the corridors. The lift interiors will be refurbished too.

When is work due to kick off?

Reinhard: At this stage, everything is still in development. We are currently running mock-up rooms, and once we have done the final tweaks, we are hoping, if all goes well, to start in May 2019, during the maintenance weeks. From there on, we’ll be doing a floor at a time, and on a two-weekly basis – in other words, two weeks per floor, and then working our way down from the sixth floor to the first.

Closing words for now?

Reinhard: Timeshare owners have a lot to look forward to. Beacon Island remains a pace-setter in the Tsogo Sun family of resort, and we’re continually striving to improve.

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