Soft refurb at Umhlanga Sands a solid success

It took months of hard work, but the job is done – and done well. In November last year, Umhlanga Sands toasted the successful completion of a major project in our programme of action for keeping in form: a wall-to-wall, top-to-bottom revamp of soft items in all 237 apartments. The restyled interiors were ready in good time for the December holidays and start of the new year, giving the resort fresh energy and paving the way for many nifty tweaks and enhancements yet to come.

Derek McKillop, General Manager of Umhlanga Sands, said the soft refurbishment went “exceptionally well” and was a success in more senses than one. Feedback received from timeshare owners has been overwhelmingly positive, on top of which the project was not only completed ahead of schedule but came in with a cost saving too.

Derek said the refurb commenced in January 2018 and had been pegged for completion by the end of November. Thanks to careful planning and oversight, however, “it was finished more than two weeks in advance of schedule”. He added that it “was also completed under budget, despite the fact that several extras were later included in the original scope of work”.

Although a soft refurb entails replacing the “soft” items in a room and doesn’t extend to construction, the project was anything but light work or small-scale. Franco Seaman, Deputy General Manager, said maintenance teams had begun the refurbishment on the 17th storey of this beachfront landmark and progressed downwards from there, getting stuck into the job with a vengeance.

“We emptied each floor, stripped all the rooms – cupboards, the works – and ripped everything out, making way for brand-new cupboards, beds, furniture and fridges and more, not to mention new 43-inch TV screens. Everything went smoothly, and where we had challenges, we overcame them.

“At the end of the day,” Franco said, “the owners benefit by having fresh new rooms again. And for our part, we’re very proud of the work we did.”

It’s a sense of pride in achievement that Derek shares. As a result of the project, owners can enjoy enhanced levels of comfort and style; more widely, he said, the refurb adds value to the property as a whole. “We strive to maintain the property to the highest possible standards so that it’s always up to date with modern trends and its value remains exceptionally high. The refurbishment gives visible proof of Southern Sun Resorts’ commitment to this.”

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