Southern Sun expands rental and resales service

Did you know that Southern Sun Resorts can help you if you want to sell, rent or buy timeshare weeks … and that this isn’t limited anymore only to Southern Sun timeshare? Thanks to a recent expansion of the services we offer in-house, you can enjoy the ease, convenience and peace of mind of letting us manage all your sales, rentals and fixed-week purchases for you – in any timeshare resort in South Africa, no matter whether it’s part of Southern Sun or not.

Peter Pienaar, General Manager of Business Development for Southern Sun Resorts, said the rental and resales service had long given timeshare owners value as a trusted alternative to working with independent agencies or going to the trouble of trying to sell or rent out their timeshare by themselves. Until now, the service was confined to resorts within Southern Sun, but this new development takes into account that many members own timeshare outside of Southern Sun – and thus have had to put up with the headache of dealing with “multiple role-players” when renting or reselling it.

“We’re proud to offer our members this new integrated, one-stop service covering the full timeshare market,” Peter said. “It’s taking our offering to the next level while building on our track record of reliability, accountability and professionalism. We’ve been providing rentals and resales for many years through Southern Sun Timesharing Resale, which is a fully-fledged real estate agency accredited with the Estate Agency Board and staffed by consultants with extensive knowledge of the industry.

“The idea behind the expansion is simple. In the past, we’ve said to our timesharers: If you want to sell a week, rent a week, or a buy a week at a Southern Sun Resort, come to us and we’ll do it for you. In expanding this, we’re saying: Well, why just keep it all within the six Southern Sun resorts? There are many other resorts out there, and we have many owners who own weeks of timeshare elsewhere in the country who might also be looking to sell or rent them.

“And that’s what we’re doing with the expansion of this business: we’re saying, If you are one of those owners who also owns a week at a resort that is not part of Southern Sun, and are thinking of selling or renting it, bring it to us and let us do it on your behalf, just as we do with your Southern Sun weeks.

“If you do this privately, you wouldn’t necessarily know where to advertise or know if you’re going to get paid. We, however, have all the necessary channels in place, and offer a well-established business that works smoothly and successfully for owners who are selling or renting their weeks.”

To get started or find out further information, please contact one of the following consultants:

Gai Gordon
Tele:      031 561 2201

Sue Thompson
Tele:      031 561 2291

Bridget Wicks
Tele:      044 533 2064

Calendar changes for 2019

We’d like to inform all owners that, subsequent to the printing of our provisional 2019 calendar in our current SunSwop Resort Directory, the government published revised school holiday dates for 2019. Please take a look at the attached calendar to see whether it impacts on the week you own.

Link to our >> 2019_calendar_SoutherSunResorts








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