Southern Sun Resorts welcomes Adam Fuller

Adam has been appointed as Operations Director with effective 1 September 2016. We find out more about the man who brings a wealth of international experience to the Resorts division.

Editor: Adam, working in the Resorts division is not new to you. Tell us about your experience.

Adam: I started out my career with Tsogo Sun back in 1980 and have worked pretty much all over the country. Many years ago, I was the General Manager of uMhlanga Sands for a few years. Prior to that I had only worked in corporate city hotels. I had a great time at the Sands learning about timeshare and most of all, getting real insight into the expectations of timeshare guests. For me, that time proved to be a fantastic foundation for my next phase in East Africa.

Editor: What did you do in East Africa?

Adam: From the Sands I moved to Kenya and then Tanzania where I helped set up operations for Tsogo Sun. I was based at the Mayfair Hotel in Nairobi and then at the Southern Sun Dar es Salaam where we started operating 15 years ago.

Editor: You’ve had an opportunity to visit majority of the resorts within the company. What are your impressions so far?

Adam: In comparison to my memories of 20 years ago, all resorts have physically changed beyond recognition. Back then our resorts were best in class, and that still holds true today – I am delighted that the resorts have not only just kept up with the times but are still great innovators and ahead of the game in every respect. For me coming into my new role, the outstanding feature has to be the passionate and professional team I will be working with. From unit management and staff to the support teams, sales, and SunSwop. This is certainly no accident. I think our Resorts division has been blessed in having Deon Viljoen guide them and take the team to where it is today.

Editor: What are your short term objectives?

Adam: Hah! It’s going to be a tough act to follow Deon that’s for sure! In the short term I need to focus on getting up to speed with the ins and outs of the division and supporting the teams as best I can. All our units have well- tuned strategic plans that will ensure they stay best in class. My role is to ensure that the team remains as dynamic, guest focussed and fun to work with as it is today. We are so fortunate to be part of the Tsogo Sun Group and in a position to call on a pool of world class experts in every field. The Resorts Division is a vital part of Tsogo Sun. It’s going to be a fun journey!

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