uMhlanga Sands and Cabana Beach Upgrades

uMhlanga Sands Upgrades Bring Enhanced Convenience

For several months, uMhlanga Sands has been hard at work in carrying out a variety of upgrades, which form part of Tsogo Sun’s commitment to delivering great experiences to its guests. These are intended to strengthen the resort’s physical infrastructure and give timeshare owners and guests greater convenience.

  • The entire building has been repainted and treated for spalling. Spalling occurs when water enters brick, concrete or natural stone and forces the surface to peel, pop out or flake off. Thanks to the air’s saltiness and high moisture-content, coastal properties are at particular risk of spalling. If it is left untreated, spalling can have serious consequences in that it causes structures to begin crumbling. This project included the replacement of the windows and frames on the Lagoon Drive facing side of the building as well as waterproofing the flat surfaces on top of the building.
  • Upgrades were made to the resort’s public-area restrooms.
  • Two brand-new elevators have been installed, the one leading to the mezzanine level, and the other to the adult pool. Until now, these areas could be reached only by stairs – one of the main reasons for the upgrade is to make them easily accessible for older guests or those with limited mobility.
  • The resort has installed two waterpark-style slides, and is busy completing a third one.



Cabana Beach upgrades focus on swimming-pool facilities

Cabana Beach has upgraded three aspects of the resort, two of them to do with the swimming pool. The adult pool has been remarbelited, a process that involved draining it and then resealing the base of the pool to make it leak-proof and give its colours fresh sparkle. The natural grass around the pool was also replaced with artificial lawn to make it easier to keep the pool area in tip-top condition and looking good year-round with a consistent ever-green appearance.


There is also good news for smokers and non-smokers alike. With all Southern Sun Resorts now being non-smoking areas, some guests and owners regularly ask the question: ‘Well, where can we go and light up?’ Cabana Beach has come up with an answer: it has recently installed a smoking pod on the premises – a designated smoking-area where smokers can go and enjoy themselves in comfort, yet without their smoke disturbing anyone else.



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