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Dear Cabana Beach Owner

Welcome to the Cabana Beach Resort newsletter, the first in a regular series we’ll be sending our timeshare owners to keep you updated on events and goings-on at your favourite home from home.

For many of you, Cabana Beach has grown in your hearts over the years into precisely that. As Barend Olivier, our new General Manager, has been finding during his mission to look, listen and learn from timesharers after his background in corporate hotels, “when people come and stay here, it’s more than just a holiday for them. A lot of our guests have been coming to Cabana Beach for 35 to 40 years, so for them this is like a second home.”

Barend joined us in October last year when he succeeded Ron Klambt, who was General Manager for an impressive innings of 18 years before going on retirement in August 2018. We interview Barend in this issue to get insight into who he is and what his approach is to leading the resort into the future. Cabana Beach, he says, is “a stunning property”, and given the special place it has in so many hearts, the task ahead is to work towards turning a “great guest experience into an awesome one”.

This issue highlights several projects in this regard that are either under way or that were initiated in recent months and are now paying increasing dividends.

The lead article covers our elevator refurbishments, a nitty-gritty job that involves removing old shaft machinery and carriages and replacing them with all-new gear to ensure seamless and energy-efficient elevator travel. Our second article shifts the focus to look at our beachfront restaurant offering, which is undergoing a makeover in preparation for the launch of an exciting  contemporary dining experience to keep Cabana Beach’s flag flying high in a changing Umhlanga.

In a further article, we report on our highly successful borehole and purification plant. This installation went operational at the end of 2017 and has surpassed all expectations in how much it contributes to the volume of water used on the property every month. In so doing, it has reduced our dependency on municipal dams in an era of increasing water costs and water-insecurity – so much so that, against a backdrop of recent electricity load-shedding, it’s been called Cabana Beach’s “water generator”.

Leading, then, from water to matters electrical, rest assured that the awesome holiday experience we are striving to put together for you is safe from load-shedding. Thanks to the foresight of our board of directors made up of timeshare owners, we have a generator on-site to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the resort. The water doesn’t go out at Cabana Beach, and nor do the lights.

On behalf of Southern Sun Resorts, Tsogo Sun’s timeshare division, we thank you for your wonderful support over the years gone by and look forward to its continuing in the years ahead. Long may the sun shine at Cabana Beach Resort, your home from home.

Warm wishes,
The Cabana Beach team.

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