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Dear Drakensberg Sun Owner

Welcome to the Drakensberg Sun Resort newsletter, the first in a regular series we’ll be sending our timeshare guests to keep you updated on events and goings-on at your home from home in the heart of the magnificent Drakensberg mountains.

In this issue, we take you on a tour of some of the intriguing diversity to be enjoyed within and around Drakensberg Sun, beginning with a report on a major enhancement to the property, our new Xscape Centre, which has fast become the in-thing, fashionable spot where small children and early teenagers at the resort go to play, make friends, and – well, you know – “hang”.

Next, we lead you behind the scenes to meet the talented Michael Pather, our executive chef since December 2017 and the “brain in the game” responsible for our many fine-dining experiences. In his case, making “a meal fit for a king and queen” is no figure of speech – he has literally done this, having apprenticed in the royal kitchens of the man once regarded as the richest in the world. Michael, who was also executive chef to the German soccer team in the 2010 World Cup, tells us how he is shaping his own team at the resort to go for gold.

In the next leg of the tour, we turn to another dining experience open to guests, but of quite a different kind. The cuisine at the “Vulture Restaurant” would appeal to only the most avant-garde of foodies, or those who really mean it when they order steak rare and say, “Just walk it past the fire.” Indeed, this “restaurant” is a conservation initiative, and for viewing only: the fare consists of animal carcasses, and the patrons are endangered Cape Vultures or, very occasionally, Bearded Vultures – a subspecies so critically endangered that only an estimated 500 of them remain in existence in South Africa.

Our last stop is, like our report on the Xscape Centre, an account of a property upgrade with a bearing on children – but, again, with a difference. Here, the spotlight is on Umfolozi Crèche, a small but feisty day-care centre well-known among our staff and local community for working wonders in giving poor rural children a head-start when they enter the formal education system. As our report tells, the crèche came in for a makeover of note, and has been the focus of ongoing support from us ever since.

On a note of farewell, we thank Roger Petyt, our outgoing General Manager, for his years of distinguished service at Drakensberg Sun. In turn, we welcome our new General Manager, Pranesh Sukhdeo. Pranesh comes to us from Garden Court Mthatha and took office from 1 May this year.

We hope you enjoy reading the tour set out for you in this newsletter, and look forward to welcoming you when you return to take further tours in person of Drakensberg Sun’s pleasures and delights. In case you’re concerned about the impact that load-shedding might have on your holiday with us, rest assured that it’s as safe as houses. Thanks to our board of directors, we have a generator on-site to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the resort, so the lights stay shining here.

Warm wishes,
Drakensberg Sun Resort.

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